My godparents came up to visit this past weekend. Always a pleasure to see them. For as long as I can remember, they’ve treated me like an equal; like an adult, even when I was just a spiky haired adolescent. I appreciate that in a different way now that I actually am an adult. I’m sure my conversation wasn’t quite as insightful as I tended to think.



There’s Pam with her knitting (she made a beautiful blanket for Junip) and Chris photographing the chickens, who, by the way, now sit on the back porch and peck at the glass daily. They are a trip.

nov_lately05 copy


The nipper’s moving on to some big girl toys! She digs her new bumper jumper, but hasn’t quite figured out how to jump in it. Mostly she just spins and swings. And, you know, looks cute.


She’s almost figured out how to roll over. So close. But I don’t think she’ll be too happy about it when she realizes that doing so leaves her on her belly.


And she’s letting dad rough-house a little with her. Drew’s new thing is to carry her around the room by her feet. She just looks around nonchalantly, sucks on her nuk. Like she’s not well enough acquainted with gravity yet to know that this is unusual.


They are so cute together.

nov_lately11 copy


nov_lately10 copy

And we had another mutual day off on Wednesday! Went back to the arboretum to see the maples changing. Drew’s hired a few more bakers, so maybe soon this could become a weekly rather than monthly occurrence? Not to jinx it.