She’s beginning to seem like a real person. She has a will. When she gets mad, she throws her nuk on the ground, and I mean throws, not drops, and she gives this awful little Pterodactyl screech  – enough to make your ears ring. We’ve started doing it back; it really stops her in her tracks. Drew and I both screeching in sync with her: screeeech, quiet, screech, quiet, scree. She gets so confused. Grown ups aren’t supposed to make that noise.

Her rate of learning is amazing. She’s doing things today she couldn’t yesterday. Bouncing, craning her neck, grabbing her toys and putting them in her mouth. Now when she drops things I just lower her to the floor and wait for her to pick them up herself.

She’s a total daddy’s girl. If she’s eating when he comes in the room, not only does she pull off and stretch her head to see him, she will practically roll herself out of my arms trying to track him as he passes.

Her appetite is through the roof, which has been challenging. She’s back to waking up twice a night to eat, and that had been my only chance to catch up with milk (she eats more when I’m at work since it’s easier from the bottle) so now I’m getting up three times a night so I can at least pump a little. Burning through my frozen stash. But soon she’ll be exploring real food, too, so that should help. She already enjoys gumming bread crusts and apple slices. Lord help you when you take it away, though.

I’m making her sound fussy, but she’s really not. She actually beams most of the time – stares right at you and smiles so big her nuk falls out. And she’s starting to get ticklish, especially in the neck and armpits. That brings out a happy scream, not terribly different from the Pterodactyl scream in pitch, but much nicer to listen to. Generally accompanied by a frenzied flailing of the arms and legs. And drool.

Man. This little dinker.