Buff’s gone. Or, well, it’s not as clean as that. She’s half eaten in the backyard. We haven’t dealt with it yet.

I’m so frustrated. I spent hours yesterday building them a new chicken run, from the coop to the compost pile, using some old cattle wire we had and a puppy play pen my mom found for us. Junip made every effort to thwart me, and then fell asleep in her little bear suit, in the snug-a-bunny. I finished it while she napped, and the girls were so glad to have their freedom back (or some of it) and access to snacks. I let them play in it while I finished it up.





This morning, around 10, Drew let them into the run. At 10:45 Cynthia called, to say the hawk had killed again.

I just don’t get it. I think Buff must have gotten out, because even if there was a hole or something I missed and the hawk could get in, it certainly couldn’t have gotten out with Buff in tow. So she must have escaped, and the hawk was waiting. I’m really pissed. Mostly because this was my fault. For building an inadequate run. I’ll inspect it tomorrow for the weak spot.

Poor Buff.





Ugh, I’m so frustrated. I hate that hawk.