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Well, the lights are up, the Christmas Putz village is resurrected and blanketed in its cotton batting snow, knee hugging elves are hidden throughout the house, and my little munchkin appears to be enjoying the holiday magic, even if she doesn’t understand it. Molly dropped off my mom’s yearly wreath for us, and it’s my favorite yet, with little vintage ornaments. We plan to go cut our tree later today.

We’ve been listening to Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker pretty much on repeat, and that plus the house being all colorful and glowy is doing a pretty thorough job of getting me in the holiday spirit, despite our recent poultry losses. The smells should be the final touch: fir tree and cookies. Love this time of year.

And the most adorable thing: Junip now fits in her bear suit. It’s so padded she can’t do much with her arms or legs in it, and it gives her the illusion of being able to sit up on her own, since it sticks to the chair upholstery. I find this all hilarious. Nothing better than a baby in a bear suit.