We went out last week to hunt down that one perfect tree grown just for the Hutchison household. It was FREAKING COLD, so there wasn’t a lot of dilly dallying, though. Conveniently, our destined tree was located on the near side of the field. Like, the third tree we saw.

The farmer told us we were lucky, that the following day would be so cold they wouldn’t be able to bind the branches – the trees would be so frozen that the limbs would snap right off if bent. Crazy.



Oh, my brave husband. Doesn’t that sliver of exposed skin just make you flinch? We’re talking negative windchill.

christmas_tree_2013_3 copy

Molly came over this weekend and helped me finish decorating it, and then we went shopping for Junip’s sparkly dress for the photo shoot. So much Christmas magic.

christmas_tree_2013_5 copy



Love it.