I hope you all had a great Christmas break! We really did. Amazing what a whirlwind it felt like, especially given that all we really did was hang out, decorate and eat cookies, play board games, watch movies, a little sledding… nothing too terribly taxing. But I am pooped. Glad to be settled back in at home.


winter_break4 copy


winter_break6 copy


We started the week out by driving up to Sheboygan to be with my family for Christmas actual. We did another batch of ridiculously intricate cookies and even another gingerbread house. Watched our annual Christmas Eve action movie (this year’s was White House Down), played a few games, spent hours opening presents (my family likes to savor it, complete with food breaks), and did some general vegging.

box1 copy


Oh, and also, Junip discovered boxes, which was awesome.



After Sheboygan, we drove up to Minocqua to spend a few days with Drew’s parents at the cabin. Juniper had her first sled ride! We were going to make her a separate baby run, but the sleds were going so slowly (like, you’d get stuck and have to wiggle to make it down the hill) that we just sent her on the normal run with her dad. I wouldn’t say she exactly enjoyed it, but it didn’t displease her either. Mostly she seemed to experience indifference.

We came back to Madison on Monday, just in time to hide all our crap in the closet and welcome the whole neighborhood into our home. Literally. It was the annual round robin (like a progressive party, where you move from house to house) and we were signed up to host first, so yeah, like 30 people from the block came, super fun. We have really awesome neighbors.

And since then we’ve had two dinners and a brunch with various friends. It’s been a fantastic week but I’m about socialized out. Looking forward to hiding out in the house tomorrow before returning to all the munchkins at school.

Happy New Year!