We are determined to get this little lady crawling! The play mat pieces arrived last night and Junip supervised while I put it together. It’s really nice – plenty soft and provides good traction. I have to admit, though, I was secretly hoping that the blue, green, and lime pieces would turn out to be more teal, olive, and muted lime, to match the furniture. Ha. In any case, we gave it a test run last night and she spent a good hour playing on it this morning, while Drew and I enjoyed a cup of coffee. Since then he’s been coaching her on getting up onto her knees, and she’s been surprisingly tolerant.


play_mat4 copy



And yeah, despite how many awesome baby toys she has, my glasses and phone case are still her two favorite.

Speaking of furniture, check it out! Beth found us this mid century rocker a few months ago, had it refinished, and I just got it back from the upholstery shop where they made new cushions from this Maharam fabric I found discounted from a remnant shop. Drool. And the upholsterer also fixed the springs in our couch, so no more saggy middle! And then, I may have spent two hours with a sweater shaver and a vacuum making the tweed nice again. I know, OCD a bit.

furniture1 copy


Now I just need to get my butt in gear and finish sanding/painting. Yuck.