Junip’s room has continued to evolve the last few weeks, so I thought I’d share a few new photos. It’s not a very large space, so I’d been debating how to fit the things she’ll eventually need (book shelves, toy storage) without giving up my sewing station.

junips_room4 copy



I finally found these cute, flat, wall mount book shelves which my aunt and uncle generously bought Juniper for Christmas (thank you!), that hold a lot without inhibiting the closet door. Other additions include an amazing geometric afghan my mom found at an estate sale, which just happens to exactly match the carpet, a little wooden rocking horse my friend Chris scored at a garage sale, and some cafe curtains I made out of vintage linens that my godmother sent me (they were her mother in law’s).

Eventually we’ll add some more baskets for toy storage – hopefully not needed until we can free up some space by getting rid of the diaper laundry bins. (Weird to think that potty training isn’t really so far away). For now, I think it’s evolving quite nicely.

Last little bit of housekeeping: we had a few parties over the holidays, and each time ended up just laying towels on the hallway floor to hold all the shoes. So I finally stepped it up and got a runner for the floor. I should have done this a long time ago – no more standing outside waiting for the first person entering the house to get their slushy shoes off before the next person can come in!

junips_room6 copy

Of course, the runner’s cute enough that I still probably won’t want Drew walking on it with slushy boots. Wah wah.

And with that, Drew has declared I’m not to bring any more stuff into the house for at least a few months; I’m on a buying freeze. Fair enough. Seems like a good way to start the new year.