I’m declaring myself the self-published author of a limited edition book. Very limited. Like, there are three so far. Really only two and a half.

I made a baby book! I designed the images in Photoshop and had it printed on fabric via spoonflower, one of my go-to websites for crafting. I even found a website that offers crinkle! Originally it was for Juniper, but I had several copies printed, so I’ve been putting them together for the many friends and family with buns in their ovens. Currently working on one for sister-in-law Lindsay’s peanut, but don’t worry, I’m not ruining the surprise – she already saw it at my cousin-in-law’s shower. So many littles in the works – I’ve got at least two more books to make after this one!





It’s hard to find the time, but man, it feels soooo good to make something again. Photography and children’s art have been ok creative fixes, enough to get by on, but there’s nothing like having an idea and bringing it to life with your hands, just because you want to. Makes me think it might be worth treating myself to a babysitter for a few hours on a day off, so I can shut myself in the nursery (formerly known as the project room) and have a little making binge. Maybe this summer.