It was Molly’s birthday today, so we made a weekend of it and all went home to Sheboygan to celebrate. Nothing fancy, but all exactly right: supper club fish fry on Friday (Molly loves her supper clubs) and then Drew, Junip, and I arrived in time for a thrift shopping bonanza and dinner at El Camino on Saturday, where Molly pointed out that I totally rocked some 13-year-old boy’s world by feeding Juniper at the table. Whoops. We had the classic Maciejewski cake for dessert: chocolate chocolate cherry, and it must be made from the box and with the canned pie cherries, there is simply no classing this cake up, despite my mother’s wishes. This morning was breakfast at Harry’s and then more shopping.

I somehow managed to forget about my camera through all of that, but once Molly and Todd hit the road, all there was really left to do was to prop Juniper up in some good light and take pictures of her being adorable. As in, both grandparents and I, snapping away, with Drew making her smile. (All of these were shot by my dad.) Too cute.




jan_sheboygan4 copy

She pulled her classic trick of swiping my glasses while both my hands were occupied picking her up, so I decided it would be hilarious to get some photos of her wearing said glasses. She did not agree. Wearing Drew’s glasses while eating mine, however, suited her just fine.

And yeah, I realize this post was supposed to be about my sister’s birthday, and instead has turned into yet another post about how cute my daughter is. Sorry, Momo. You’re just going to have to start stealing and eating people’s eyewear while drooling and laughing if you want to get any attention around here.