This winter is beginning to feel a little never-ending. Not that I should be wishing away this year, but we’ve all got a bit of cabin fever. We’ve started on the spring projects, maybe trying to hurry it along?


We haven’t ordered any new seeds yet, but Drew’s got some mache started, hoping to get some plants outside as soon as it’s warm enough in the hoop houses. Assuming they’re not all destroyed. The three feet of snow currently piled on has crushed them pretty thoroughly. We’ll see whether they pop back up when it melts.

life_lately_feb02 copy


Drew’s been baking at home, which is always nice. He was offering some new classes at the bakery the last few weekends, and he always practices here, so he can see how the breads turn out in a regular oven. Pretty well, I think. Steamy, hot bread is hard to argue with.


Junip is really improving on the Cheerio eating front. She still pushes most of them overboard, turning our floors into a minefield of crunchies, but she’s at least getting a larger portion into her mouth. She’s up to maybe 20%. And it distracts her while I’m trying to get other food into her mouth; she doesn’t yank the loaded spoon out of my hand this way. I’ll take a floor full of sweepable O’s over mashed avocado rubbed into hair and eyes any day.

life_lately_feb06 copy

And check me out, being all productive. The spring cleaning bug, I guess. The family room closet was just an empty space, no shelving, so of course the only thing to do was to fill it with a mountain of boxes. Well, we finally decided it was time to deal with it. I built some shelves this week and started unpacking everything we put away when we began the kitchen/family room remodel last spring. And then even got so ambitious as to hang pegboard in the basement and start organizing our tools. Go me.


life_lately_feb08 copy


And Drew and Chad have been busy little brewers. They did a porter and another I’m blanking on… some sort of dark ale? Anyway, here they are earlier this week, dry hopping both of them before the final fermentation. It’ll be a good ten gallons of beer. I’m thinking that makes an excuse for a spring party? Maybe when the patio melts.