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Little wiggle worm. You are so close to crawling, it’s just killing us. You can taste it. Sometimes you get so frustrated it breaks my heart; you know what you want but you just can’t quite figure it out. Soon.

You’ve grasped the concept of tools. You often use your nuk as a tool to flick the light switch while I’m changing you, and this morning you used my glasses as a tool to whack me in the face. Sometimes learning hurts.

Sleep continues to be a roller coaster. You were on a pretty good spree, and then I jinxed it by getting the Dr. Sears Baby Sleep Book. You seem to be making sure I’m not wasting my time. Yours naps are getting more consistent and much longer, though, which has been really nice. I’ve been able to tackle some bigger projects while you sleep.

Your personality is just delightful. Your laugh is more of a shriek, and loud. This week we had breakfast with Drea and while it was nice not to be worried about disturbing other patrons with a crying baby, instead I was catching stares for my excited, happily screaming baby. I kept trying to plug you with the nuk, but your hollering smile was so wide it just fell out, again and again. You could not be stopped. Taking you grocery shopping is pretty fun, too. You love to sit in the cart and flirt with all the other shoppers we pass. The only downside is your incredibly gross habit of sucking on the handle bar. And I thought you licking restaurant tables was icky. Go immune system!

Your first tooth finally cut through this week, which I guess explains the downturn in night sleeping. The other front bottom tooth looks to be following suit any day now. Poor little peanut. On a brighter note, your hair is coming in, too. You get fuzzier by the day.


Man, you are just the best thing.