So, no, this doesn’t mean she’s crawling yet. And, yeah, I know, I’ve been saying she’s on the cusp for, what?, two months now? But she is! She really is about to do it. Really. She’s on her knees, she’s rocking, she’s balancing with only one hand while doing it, she’s even army crawling forward short distances when highly motivated. She will crawl any second now. Literally; you should see the training regiment her daddy’s putting her through as I type this.

So, I’ve been baby proofing. Like a mad woman.


babyproof4 copy


Yes, by baby proofing, I mean buying more mid-century modern furniture. Um. Yeah. We needed a place to put the dishes! My mom found us a 17 place Noritake dish set from the 60s, with orange accents to match the dining room. We had them on a tea cart, for all to appreciate. Including the baby. Clearly, they needed a more sheltered home. So I took the delivery van up to Fondy to pick up this Craigslist find, and even managed to talk my mother into meeting me for Mexican food. Thanks, mom!



I got these bumpers for the coffee table, which have already saved my shin from one bruising, but have the unfortunate effect of absolutely glowing in the afternoon sunlight, which, ironically, lures the baby straight to them. It is her goal to pull them off and eat them. The adhesive clearly wasn’t designed with that in mind. At least they’re big enough that I *think* she can’t swallow them. But, you’d be amazed what she fits in there.


These latches took me some 4 hours to install. You’d think after that amount of time, I’d remember they’re there. But muscle memory is something else. All week, Drew and I have been pulling doors open, only to have them ricochet shut because we didn’t push the latch down. Cussing ensues. She’s only learning phonemes now, right? Not words?

babyproof9 copy

Outlets are plugged. Check. And I cut the shelf out of the cabinet in our living room, so that we can actually stand the records up straight in there, making it practical to finally move the two massive piles that have lived propped against the wall since we moved in. Yay!

We’re ready for you, Junip. Bring it.