Juniper is officially crawling and getting into all the trouble we’ve been waiting for.

Want to hear something gross? Of course you do. So, the other day Drew was working in the kitchen and Junip was entertaining herself on her play mat. Drew heard a weird noise but ignored it. (The story always goes downhill after ‘but he ignored it’.) A minute later he hears the baby equivalent of “nom nom nom” and looks down to discover Junip, having made her way to the compost bucket and tipped it over, now chewing on the stale bread heels we had thrown in there a few days prior. Yeah, I told you it was gross.

So, now there’s this:


gate2 copy

Girl is cut off.

Ps, aren’t these the cutest two teeth you’ve ever seen? I kinda hope she never gets the rest of them, just keeps her little bunny smile.