Wow, you. You are learning every second! One day we just sort of realized you could sit up by yourself. And that you could stand up pretty much by yourself if holding onto the couch. And then you started crawling, and all week, you’ve been mimicking me every time I blow raspberries or speak your language (“ah bab aba?”). Your thinking is visible. Yesterday morning you were chewing on your dad’s moccasin, and then crawled to the next moccasin, and then notice the entire closet full of shoes! And you were off. There is nothing graceful about your movements, which makes me fear you’ve inherited my Maciejewski athleticism (non), but there are worse fates in life. And you’re really good at getting things off your head, thanks to daddy’s game of throw the (blanket/towel/hat/sweatshirt) over the baby’s head.

Sleeping is getting better, but that’s a post for another day. It’s been a process. A reeeeeeal process.




Three quarters of a year! Wowzers!