We are home from sunny Florida! For my Christmas present this year, Drew planned a spring break trip to Crescent Beach, where his family used to go annually (his grandparents lived there). We rented a condo on the beach and spent the week being happily lazy.


florida1_1 copy


Junip was not an immediate fan of sand, due to its non-edible-ness. It took her most of the week to learn to stop putting it in her mouth.

florida1_8 copy

florida1_5 copy

And yes, we devised an impromptu stand-and-play apparatus. Because we’re genius like that.

The weather was kind of a mixed bag – around 70 degrees most days, but often cloudy and windy, making it too cold to lay out. Luckily this was the perfect beach for walking – the sand was really compact, almost like pavement, so we tried to take advantage of our proximity to the ocean by at least going for a few long walks every day.


florida2_2 copy



On one of the cooler days, we visited the Alligator Farm, which was pretty awesome. I kept having morbid thoughts of Junip falling in, though.


And of all the weeks, this was when Junip figured out both how to get herself into a sitting position, and how to pull herself into a standing position, with aid of chair or table. Normally I’d have been thrilled, but the condo was floored entirely in ceramic tile, and both of these accomplishments put her wobbly, top-heavy head high enough above that floor to leave a serious dent when she (inevitably) tipped. So we spent the week constantly holding our hands out behind her, ready to catch. Or pushing cushions behind her, as pictured above. It’ll be a relief when she finds her balance and passes through this vulnerable stage. It’s better now that we’re home, with a thick foam play mat covering most of the family room, but there’s still a lot of hovering required.

I’m glad to be settled in, back home again, but it really was a great week. Might become a tradition for our little family, too.