It’s been a crazy week for me. The school art show is this coming WEDNESDAY (cue the running in circles, screaming) and basically, I wildly underestimated how difficult it would be to execute. 720 artworks, by 360 children, all with typed, matted labels, and the 3D work with elaborate displays/backdrops. For the last week I haven’t slept and for once, it’s not Junip’s fault. I lay there thinking about the clay projects that broke, my kiln, which is malfunctioning at the worst possible time, the 3rd grade chia pets which still haven’t germinated, and missing labels and artworks. So, there will be a victory post after Wednesday. Assuming my head doesn’t explode before then.

Anyways, it’s the weekend, and there’s nothing I can do about any of that right now. I’m in mom mode now. Trying to leave school at school.

We did have a pretty fantastic weekend. Spring has sprung here, and we are making sure this little lady gets her daily allowance of dirt.

When we got back from Florida, there was the cutest note on our door, hand drawn in marker, advertising ‘mother’s helpers’ services available from two little girls down the block. I took them up on it yesterday. They set up a pile of toys on the lawn and entertained Junip while I got a little yard work done. They’re not nearly old enough to babysit for real, but all I really needed was someone to make sure she didn’t eat an excessive amount of nature and didn’t crawl into the street. I did about half the gardens yesterday and finished up today while Drew and Junip napped. They came out as I was cleaning up and supervised. It was pretty cool; as I cut away the dead plant matter from last year, it revealed that almost every perennial has fresh sprouts coming up. Spring!



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The abuse this man endures. Ha.