Oh, so glad it’s done. It’s funny; the whole thing felt a lot like a wedding. Months of planning and prep work, a totally frantic build up the day of, complete with someone telling me they’d finish setting up and to go get changed 5 minutes before the doors opened (thank God for those PTO moms), a whirlwind of socializing, smiles, and small talk, and then it was over. Everything torn down and packed away.

The show turned out really well. The 3D work looked great (although I was disappointed the Chia pets hadn’t sprouted yet), the hanging work filled the space well (which I was worried about), the 4th and 5th grade clay-mations playing on the big screen throughout the show were a huge hit, and the PTO set up tables for crafts projects in the middle of the space, with about 20 moms bringing platters of cupcakes to compliment our Wayne Thiebaud inspired clay cupcakes. Lots of happy children and pleased parents. So, all in all, a smashing success.



15 display panels, filled front and back with artwork. These I had a couple high school volunteers help me hang, which was a godsend, but it meant I had to accept the fact that some pieces were a little crooked. I also let the littles choose which artwork of theirs was hung, which meant it often wasn’t what I would have chosen for them, but you know what?, it was their show. So I dealt.



Love these pinch pot bugs! Most of the kinders had names and life stories for theirs.



Some scary first grade monsters…



…the aforementioned Thiebaud cupcakes…



…and these Chia pets were so hilarious. That’s Chia Stingray featured on the pot. Some of my other favorites were Chia Unicorn, Chia Eel, Chia Giraffe, and Chia Leopard.


art_show02 copy

And then the dragons. These were really fun – we added feathers coming out of the mouths to look like fire, and some kids added pearls and bells after we read about Chinese dragons getting their flight powers from the pearls growing under their chins, and voices that sound like bells ringing, rather than roars like Western dragons.

Quite the production, huh? Like I said, glad it’s done, but it was a fun night.