For the more accurate summary of life lately, see previous post. That sort of took over all my energy and head space the last few weeks. But there have been happenings around the house, too.


life_lately_april09 copy

A couple months ago, Drew commented that he would like to have more comfortable furniture in the living room. Silly, silly man. Throwing out a sentence like that is like waving a steak in front of a pit bull. Thus began weeks of obsessive craiglist searching, until I finally found this gem, not at all cheap by craiglist standards, but way, way, way less expensive than the mid mod reproductions I’d been drooling over on sites like Thrive and Joybird. It was in Chicago. Chicago seems so close until you start trying to figure out how to get large furniture pieces from there to Madison. In the end, the seller dropped it off at Drew’s parents’ house while we were there getting our car, headed home from Florida. Drew drove home that night (he had to work), while Junip and I stayed to wait for a Uhaul. Beth generously offered to follow me in her car with Juniper (can’t put a car seat in a Uhaul), and went back to Chicago the next morning. So basically, a lot of hassle, but CHECK OUT my new couch! Gondola style arms, tapered dowel legs, sexy hexagon pillows, soft, nubby, gold upholstery… yum. I am a happy girl.

life_lately_april02 copy


That spring sun is slowly making it’s way through the kitchen. I keep waiting for it to reach the island for good food pics, but I might have to hold my horses for a few more weeks (especially considering that it’s taken two months to go from illuminating the dishwasher to the floor. I was so optimistic back in this post). Between that and having the windows open, though, it’s been feeling so much fresher and more alive in here. Love this time of year.




Drew hung new grow lights in the dining room (having re-appropriated our old ones as basement lighting), and started all the early veggies. Radicchio, kale, peppers and tomatoes, herbs and greens. And it’s been warm enough the last few days to give them some outside time.

life_lately_april06 copy

And this one… trouble! All she wants to do is stand up! Despite our best efforts, she’s thumped her head on enough tables and floors to make me worry she’ll lose brain capacity. Learn to balance already, baby girl!