I cut my hair off!

chop4 copy

Kind of spontaneous; I felt like a change and decided I might as well cut enough off to make it useful for someone else (Locks of Love requires ten inches). So I got a pretty big change.

I’m kind of ambivalent about it. I liked having long hair, but between the postpartum hair loss and texture changes, it wasn’t the long hair I remembered. I shouldn’t have brushed it for the before picture – it was usually much stringier than that. Plus I was tired of plucking foot plus long hairs off Junip. Now I can pluck four inch long hairs off of her. I’m guessing tomorrow I will pour myself way too much shampoo.

Of course, Junip photo-bombed the before pictures. That first picture is me trying to keep a (not) straight face as she’s climbing up my leg.



Goodbye hair! I kind of miss you. Kind of not. Either way, you’ll grow back.