Gorgeous weather for this Easter weekend. My family come up yesterday, just for a day trip, short but sweet. Junip and I went for a walk with my parents after brunch at the bakery, and then her great aunts and uncle arrived, spoiled her rotten, we had an early cocktail hour outside on the patio (we’re wearing coats in that first shot, but it was in the upper sixties by late afternoon), dinner at Umami, and cake back at the ranch, to celebrate my aunt Diane’s recent 65th birthday. Kind of a whirlwind of relaxing and eating.

easter1 copy



Junip was initially too excited about the tissue paper to find the presents underneath, but when she finally unearthed the first book, she dragged it straight to the magazine rack and tried to put it away. A child after my own heart.



I realize dumplings and ramen are not a totally traditional Easter dinner, but my family’s not too picky about the details. It was a great meal.



There’s my mom and Junebug in matching jackets (awww). And it turns out my little peanut is a champion noodle eater! She slurped ’em right up.

I hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family, too!