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It’s been a busy month for you. After being on the cusp of crawling for an eternity, you started army crawling, then regular crawling, then sitting up from crawling, then standing up from sitting, all within about two weeks. Your balance is getting a lot better, and just the other day, I started noticing you able to sit back down from your standing position (you used to wait for one of us to give you a hand). I don’t hover so much any more. If you do fall, you generally land on your highly-padded butt. I have switched you to grippier shoes though – the times when you have bonked your head in the last week have all involved slippery feet sliding out on you.

You still just have the two teeth, but you put them to good use. Your favorite things to eat are slices of your dad’s sourdough and whole strawberries (in both cases you dig those little teeth in and pull on the food to break off bites. In the case of strawberries, it leaves you so covered in juice that you look like a little wild animal, fresh from the hunt). As long as you have one of these food items to control for yourself, you happily alternate bites of just about anything your dad and I happened to be eating (curry, broccoli, eggs, gnocchi… really, anything moderately soft.) Last time we took you to the Harmony, we realized their menu wasn’t very baby friendly, and we ended up ordering a pizza for you. The bartender thought I was joking, and later came out to oggle when he saw you tearing bites from the slice I held for you. He dragged a few of the other bartenders over, too… it was kinda embarrassing, but I was also kinda proud of you. He just kept repeating, “A baby eating pizza!”

You don’t have any clear words yet, but you love to babble and you mimic us if we speak your language. You’ve got more consonants every day, but you generally stick to ‘ah’ for your vowels. We keep thinking that’ll result in a ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ soon, and you do make those sounds, but don’t always correlate them with Drew or I. You do seem to understand more words, though – milk, more, come here, no, careful, share (that last one gets you to pop your nuk in my mouth). I can’t wait until you can talk to me.

You’ve got object permanence, for sure. I tested you with your nuk hidden under a towel; you whipped the towel away immediately. Then we went upstairs to tell your dad, who was showering, and you crawled straight to the tub, pulled yourself up, and whipped the shower curtain aside just the same way.

Really, in just the last month, you’ve gone from seeming like a baby to more of a toddler. You actually toddle. It’s kind of blowing me away.

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