Spring is upon us, and I wanna get loungin’. In the early phases of my obsession with mid mod, I started hoarding candy bouncers (these), often buying them in very rough vintage shape with the plan of grinding off all the rust and repainting. Well, I never got to the refinishing part, except on one pair. So our patio looks kinda slummy. Plus these things are behemoths, leaving no room for a dining table set, despite our patio being pretty giant. And also, my tastes have changed a little in the last five years, away from the retro kitsch and towards a heavier-on-the-mod mid mod.

So now I’m thinking, sell them all, start fresh, and be practical (ie, start with a dining set and add loungy chairs as space allows). But dang… evidently I have expensive taste.

I fell in love with this bench set:


… but it’s 4G’s. (!!!!) Then I found this one:


which is even available with a very cool canopy, except, whoops, this one’s $5,250. Yeah. Ouch.

So that got me thinking, I’m going to have to make this myself. So this might actually be doable: I found these steel, powder coated table legs on etsy:


(I would get them in white. Or maybe turquoise.) and I can make the top. Or maybe talk to our friend Jamie and have him polish up a giant slice of raw tree for me. Yum. I’d make it really long so we could fit 8-10 people for dinner, and let it fill up a whole side of the patio.

That leaves the chairs. Obsessive internet searching led me to fall in love with these:

farmhouse-lounge-chair west-elm-bend-bistro-mid-century-modern-outdoor-chevron-yellow-chair-dining-table Varaschin-Summer-Set-Dining-Chair-in-White

Which are respectively $450 a pop, no longer available, and $820 a pop. Do people actually pay that kind of money for these things? And the most boring one is the most expensive. Go figure.

So unless the estate sale gods smile upon me and leave a vintage Salternini set in my lap (this:)


…except with 8 chairs (likely?), I will probably be settling for Eames knock offs like these:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9.59.17 AM

Pair of two for $180. Much more reasonable. I have something similar in rocking chair form for Junip’s room and it’s remarkably comfortable for a plastic chair. Would be kid friendly, upright enough for eating, but comfy enough for slouching with a full belly.

That leaves some space for loungy chairs. I’ve been pining away over these Acapulco chairs from CB2 for two years now:


So maybe it would be worth splurging on a pair. We’ll see.

Anyway, this is my current obsession. Somehow posting it here makes it seem more likely that I’ll pull the trigger and get it done. I will certainly be posting pictures if when I do.