Happy Mother’s Day! It’s funny; saying that always used to feel like saying, “Happy Labor Day!” Like, as much as I loved my mother, it always felt like sort of a generic holiday. But now, it’s different. This morning Junip and I walked down to the Victory for coffee and I found myself unable to say it to the guys there, although it was the obvious greeting. With a baby strapped to me, it felt like saying, “Happy day that’s all about me!” It sounded like I wanted to be told about all the sacrifices I’ve made, how great I am. But it’s so different than that: all day I’ve been thinking it’s more like a holiday commemorating serial lottery winners.

There are the little wins. I love pulling a sweater out of the dryer and finding one of Junip’s little socks stuck to it, or rifling through my purse and coming out with a baby spoon. You know, those ‘aww’ moments. But there are bigger changes. I don’t have the anxiety I used to. A day off with nothing planned used to be a fairly terrifying thing; in a lot of ways it meant a day of feeling useless, unless I found jobs for myself. Now, there’s always a job. I know this is such a cliche, but I really feel like my life has this underlying purpose now. I’m not saying I didn’t used to feel purposeful; my career, my role as a wife, sister, daughter, friend… I’ve always known that matters. But this need, this love, this work is so much bigger. I’m so grateful.

So, moms, here’s to the marks our little ones make; to the ways they change us. We are so lucky. Happy Mother’s Day.