Well, so much for my goal of bi-weekly posts. It’s been so beautiful out, I’ve been using every nap to get outside and get in the dirt. Junip’s been digging the outside time, too. She especially likes to stand next to the fire hydrant, pull on the chains, and wait for puppies to approach, of which there are a lot in our neighborhood. No, they haven’t peed on her yet, despite the tempting location.

I’ve been using my outside time to finally tackle the berry patch, to plant all the beds I edged and mulched last year (but left unfilled), to do some pots on the patio, and for general weeding, mowing, and trimming, which I have down to an obsessive science. Our terrace lawn may be mostly weeds (it’s Junip’s favorite play spot, so spray is out of the question), but it’s perfectly leveled and edged weeds. From a distance, looks pretty damn good.

And our actual lawn is about to get a serious upgrade: this weekend, my parents are coming to help me lay new sod! This is the year my backyard will finally look awesome. My mom and I spent a big chunk of her Mirthday weekend dividing and bagging all her established shade plants, and I just got them in the ground this afternoon. Plus, operation patio furniture is underway; I sold off all our old stuff and the new stuff is en route… unfortunately leaving us furniture-less for Drew’s ultimate frisbee kick-off paella party next Monday, but we’ll just make it BYOC. In general, I’m so excited! This backyard will be beautiful and functional and full of friends and family all summer long!




Did I mention she’s obsessed with climbing stairs now? And carrying things up the stairs. Usually small sticks and leaves. Sometimes shoes.


I love this: the compulsion to put things in her mouth is just too strong. Can I eat the dandelion? Ugh, bitter! But it must go in mouth… Ugh, bitter!


Morning strawberries. She’s been waking up early enough that we have some together time even on the mornings I work, before Drew gets home or Lindsay, our babysitter, gets here. I don’t love the 5am awakenings on my days off, but when I’m working, it makes a really nice start to the day.


Somebody outgrew her baby tub! It’s all big girl baths now.


Life is good. Summers in Wisconsin are such a joyous thing; it’s like the land knows what it’s just been through, and isn’t taking anything for granted. Not us, either.