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Little munchkin, you’re eleven months old today, and you are so fun. Everyday, your personality emerges a little more – your will, your sense of humor, your curiosities and preferences. We are getting a better and better idea of who you are, and it turns out, you’re pretty great.

You love babies and puppies. If we’re on a walk and you burst into screechy laughter, it’s a safe bet there’s a dog somewhere I haven’t spotted yet. At the coffee shop, if a small creature enters, human or otherwise, you take one of my fingers with each hand and lead me to them with your drunken sailor walk. At the grocery store, the cashiers know you by your smile. It’s the first thing everyone says when they see you: “What a happy baby!”

You’re not walking solo yet, and given the long build-up you needed before crawling, I think it’ll be a while, but it’s sure not slowing you down. When a desirable destination pops into your head, you’re off in a fast, thumping crawl, or if you want to get there faster, you just grab an adult’s hands and walk yourself where you want to go. Your favorite games are variations of this theme: organize, destroy the order!, organize, destroy the order! To that end, you put your legos back in their box, the shoes back on the shoe rack, the books back in the magazine holder. The game always ends with chaos, but I swear, you take some pleasure in cleaning too.

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See, there you are, putting the beer bottle back in the recycling. What? I didn’t just empty the recycling bin. See? Clean.

The other night in the bath, I was tickling your left foot. You were laughing and pulling it away, but when I paused, you held up your right foot to my hand. Tickle this one next!


And you’ve learned to clap, you little ham. You are just too great.