Yesterday was our last school day; today I moved out of my classroom. It’s not exactly the celebratory start to summer I usually enjoy, but in a few ways at least, the change feels good.



All the little gifts. That green paper thing that looks like a purse in the first photo, is actually a kinder-made sling. You know, in case I ever break my arm. At the high school that would have been some sort of very strange threat… here it’s creative child genius. And all the rubber band bracelets; they rip the hairs off your arm, but made with so much love.

I packed it all up, plus a gazillion other things, and brought it over to the middle school. 5th grade is becoming a middle school level, and I’ll be their art teacher. Pros: I’ll have the same kids, all year, every other day. I’ll know about a 3rd of the kids from Park. I’ll have a brand new classroom. I get to go down to half time. Cons: It’s still a long commute, and now I’ll have to go every day, for half days. I don’t get to teach my adorable littles any more. I have to leave Park.

So yeah, there’s the excitement of planning a new classroom, new curriculum, imagining what next year will be like. But it’s bittersweet. I’ve had a really great year.


Happy summer, all!