Scary night last night: a tornado touched down on the southwest side of the city. We were all awake here – the thunder was incredible, and woke Junip a few times before Drew’s phone started beeping like crazy and the sirens went off. It’s funny; listening to the wind, I had visions of ‘Twister’ running through my head, and literally thought, don’t be ridiculous, right before all the alarms started. Drew went to the window and I went to get Junip; I was coming back to ask him to grab me some pants when he yelled, “go, NOW” and we ran to the basement. Chilled on some extra lawn chairs, but my adrenaline was pumping like crazy. I kept thinking, Molly doesn’t have a basement, but it turned out they were holed up in a bathroom. We were only down there for ten minutes or so before the all clear was given, but that was plenty of excitement for me.

Not too much damage for us. The maple lost a limb, which shattered the cold frames we had on the side of the house, but incredibly damaged neither our house, the fence, nor any of the cars parked under it. We went for a walk today and just a block from us, trees were snapped in half or ripped right out of the ground, sod still covering the airborne root ball. Most of the trees on Jenifer street, where we used to live, are just totally gone, and I guess on the south side at least six houses had their roofs sucked right off. Amazingly, no one was hurt.



A little too close for comfort.