I didn’t want to experience Junip’s first birthday party from behind a camera lens, so it took me a while to round these all up (photos by my dad, my former coworker Chris, and my friend Mandy), but here it is! Junip’s first birthday party.



This girl loves her some ice! And yeah, I know the baby Heimlich and watch her like a hawk, don’t judge me! But get a load of that face! Love it.

Juniper's first birthday, 2014

Momo made her the sweetest tent – complete with lights inside! And I didn’t get a shot of it, but Todd carved her an amazing wooden puppy on wheels that she’s been rolling around since – or pushing sideways as the case may be; she’s still learning the concept of wheels.


Drew made his paella (yum). It’s hard to get a sense of the scale in this shot, but yeah, the pan is big enough to rest over our fire pit grate. It feeds like 30 people.


Juniper's first birthday, 2014


She was a little confused by the huge group of people surrounding her singing, and she didn’t immediately grasp that the giant cupcake in front of her was food, but once she got a taste of that buttercream frosting, all bets were off.

photo 1

Happy birthday little lady!