Well, we just had a really fantastic weekend. My cousin Allie and her Ben were married in Michigan, so we swung through Chicago, visited with Drew’s family, and then flew over to Detroit for the wedding. It’s not so often that Junip (or we) get to play with so much of our extended family, so this was pretty special.



visit8 copy



visit5 copy

We got to see Lindsay and cousin Ollie in Arlington Heights. Ollie was sleeping when I took these, but we had a chill evening, goofing around outside and then watching some soccer.

swimming1 copy



swimming6 copy

Pre-wedding, Junip had her first pool experience! She loved it. The main pool was pretty cold, which surprisingly didn’t phase her at all at first, but after a while we switched to the hot tub, and man, BUBBLES. Wow. Pretty exciting stuff. Momo and my mom chilled poolside and documented; Junip and I swam for half an hour or so, at which point she crashed and took almost a two hour nap.






And then the wedding! What a party. My mom officiated, which was pretty cool, and then they jumped the broom (let it be noted: Ben jumped higher, but Allie landed first. So, I think you could argue that symbolism either way). They had a live band and square dancing. Junip unfortunately burned out before we could get our groove on, but we enjoyed the music throughout dinner (at one point Junip made a bee-line for the stage and they played ‘Babyface’ just for her). Fun stuff.

We’re back in Madison now, and unfortunately this little Junebug is under the weather again. We went to see her doctor today after she hit a scary 103.7 last night; the verdict is a virus causing a throat infection. Poor little peanut. He said it should run its course by the end of the week, so we’re taking it slowly till then.

Anyways, congrats Allie and Ben! Thanks for a great weekend!