Funny how summer goes fast and slow at the same time. We’ve had a pretty chill week here – no more traveling, just hunkering down and enjoying summer in Madison.

life_lately_july02 copy

This little peanut is such a handful lately! She’s becoming more independent, wandering around the house playing, not demanding to be held so much, but with that comes a terrifying (for me) fearlessness, now manifesting itself in attempts to climb or climb into EVERYTHING. She’s starting to walk, which is not exactly the all-or-nothing ‘moment’ we were envisioning, but instead a progression of cruising along on objects, taking a step or two between objects, taking three or four steps towards a parent, etc. A little less wobbly each time.

And man, is she loud. Her self-talk is often more like self-yelling, and it turned out the cute little yellow sneakers I picked up at St. Vinny’s for her are actually squeakers, as in they squeak with each step. Kind of awesome, but she will not be sneaking up on anyone anytime soon.

life_lately_july05 copy

Her nap schedule is still pretty consistent – two a day, for at least one hour each. I’ve been militantly filling that time with furniture refinishing projects. I actually have five pieces underway at the moment… Basically, I decided to turn our guest bedroom into Junip’s big girl room (I know it seems like jumping the gun, but I don’t really want to be breathing in paint dust and fumes while I’m actually pregnant with whoever will be inhabiting the nursery next). Drew declared my budget to be whatever I sold the sofa that was in there for. Despite refinishing the existing furniture myself and building some of the new pieces I want (a headboard, a nightstand) I’m quickly going over that, so I’m stretching the budget by rehabbing and selling some of the mid-mod pieces that have been living in our basement for the last few years. Goodbye sexy tulip chairs!

As much as I enjoy these kinds of projects, I’m also aware that some of it is just trying to confront the anxiety I tend to get in the summer. I need a little more socialization than I get without working outside of the house. Staying really busy helps, but it’s not a solution. So this week I made a resolution to get over my fear of new social situations and meet another mom who doesn’t work during the summer.

Unbelievably, the day after I made that resolution, Drew and I met another family at the Fete de Marquette! She and I talked teaching, he and Drew talked food, and the babies climbed the stroller together! We made a play date for this Monday at the library’s reading for the very young.



Too cute. I really should have done this a while ago.




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And the only other news around this house is our garden a’growin. This week we harvested the garlic. Junip helped by hitting the soil with the trowel and then eating it. Yum. Today I got them cleaned and hung up to cure. The potatoes will be ready soon, followed shortly by the first tomatoes! Somehow it doesn’t really feel like summer until there are fresh tomatoes.

Happy Tuesday, all!