My patio dreams have been realized! Yesterday Jamie brought over the table and bench tops he made for us and assembled it all, and it is SO pretty. The table is HUGE (nine feet long) but it doesn’t look that big at all outside, which is nice. We should be able to sit a good 12 people around it! Now Drew just need to build that oven!

We fired up the tiki torches and enjoyed a beer outside last night, then realized we can actually have dinner out there now (duh) and brought the high chair out. I love it! Dinner outside every night! I don’t know why we didn’t have a table before. It’s not quite the same balancing your plate on your lap.






And the lounge chairs we’ve had for a month or so now – so glad we splurged on those. They are way more comfy than they look. Actually, my neighbor liked them so much she ordered the same ones! From our yard you can just barely see them nestled in her garden. See them in that shot below? The bright colors really make them sing.



patio08 copy


Junip figured out how to climb / lounge in these pretty much day one. (Those last two photos are from just before her birthday). And for the side table, I found this little gem in sore shape at an estate sale with my mom and sister. I sanded down and repainted the metal hairpin base, ditched the plywood top, had a piece of glass cut instead, and spray painted the bottom of the glass for a pop of color. It looks really good, and cost me about $30 total.

I love it! I’m pretty proud of the transformation our backyard has taken in the last year. Just a refresher: here it is a year ago, and I was thrilled at the time because the weeds were mowed!


… and that was after the major jobs of removing the overgrown spruce and having the patio put in, and pulling out the ‘hangman’s gallows’ (aka weird creepy swing) and laundry poles (secured with about 5 gallons of cement) that were there when we moved in. You’ve come a long way, backyard!