popsicle2 copy

My mom recently got us a mini popsicle mold, which is perfect for my ice-obsessed, teething, darling daughter. A little too perfect, actually. She’s become totally fixated; every trip into the kitchen ends with her sitting by the freezer, pining away.

Last week we were outside, each enjoying a pop. She reached for a lick on mine, which I was happy to give, and then I took a lick of hers… which resulted in the popsicle being thrown to the ground, full-out screaming, giant crocodile tears, and a head vigorously shaking no. She would not touch the thing after that. I ruined everything. She cried for a full ten minutes: her first real tantrum.

Well, I’ve been trying to use this a learning moment. Now if she licks mine, I just ask, “Share?” and one or two times she’s actually let me lick hers back. Not today, though.

Today even the mere suggestion that I might taste her popsicle resulted in this.


Is this what toddlerhood is? What have I gotten myself into?

Edit: as I finish typing this, I swear to God, she’s feeding Drew a popsicle. Thanks a lot, Junip.