My first late birthday post, but I have a good excuse: the weather yesterday was just dismal. It didn’t suit you at all.

14months04 copy

You are an insane ball of energy lately. Crawling is so beneath you, and you are so proud of that! You create all these little jobs for yourself with your new-found skill. Drew left the pantry door open the other day and you occupied yourself for a good chunk of time bringing me one spice bottle at a time, then bringing them back when I had accumulated too many, then bringing me more. The shoe rack demands similar work.


Your two front uppers are in, with enough space between them to park a boat! Seriously, I fear you’ve inherited your daddy’s teeth. I’m sorry, munchkin.



I chose some of the crazy faced shots this time, because it’s so you. You’re a little wild thing, but you know how to hold it back and then unleash for maximum effect. Really, you have an impressive sense of comedic timing. The other day I was trying in vain to put you down for a nap. You pulled the blanket over your face and lay perfectly still… I actually thought you had fallen asleep, and wondered how to pull the blanket back to keep you from suffocating without waking you up… and then you THREW the blanket off yourself and gave me the best ‘got ya!’ grin. Amazing.

On the other hand, you’re only really like this at home. In public, you go so docile. Especially around other kids. You just sit and observe, you’re like a wildlife photographer. Children have come up to you, taken your toys, tugged your hair and swatted you in the nose, and you just give them a curious, bewildered expression. I guess you’re saving your best tricks for us.

14months11 copy


Today Chris dropped off a surprise for you: a tricycle he scored at a garage sale. It’ll be at least a year before your feet reach the pedals, but you don’t see why that should be a concern. It just means one of us needs to run circles around the patio hunched over and partially squatting, pushing you. Problem solved.


14months15 copy

Ha, like that. You go from berserk, near-toe-amputating, trowel stabbing, to angelic, shrugging, adorable giant padded butt flaunting in the blink of an eye.




You’re pretty great like that.