This past weekend was a busy one – three birthdays in our family! On Saturday we drove down to Lake Geneva to celebrate Beth’s 60th. Her cousins, Martha and Craig, hosted at their beautiful vacation home. I didn’t get any pictures of the building, but it was full of iconic mid century details: vaulted ceilings with wooden beams, huge long & low picture windows… yum. Junip, of course, only cared about the stairs, but the older kids swam, the grown ups lounged on the deck, and the babies mingled inside.



Ollie Mae and her second cousin, Kinsley – only four days age difference! So cute watching them chill together.



Junip was less impressed with the babies and more interested in their mothers’ attention. Lindsay had her just flailing and shrieking with laughter in a big tickle-fest on the couch.





And the entertainment of the day was watching Jenna, Jillian, and Craig take the ice bucket challenge. A good cause, but brrr.

Then on Sunday we celebrated my birthday (28!) with tacos, cake, and cheesecake in the backyard. My parents drove down, and Molly’s boyfriend’s parents were in town, so that plus a few friends made for a nice little impromptu shindig.




Junip assumed her regular position at the ice bucket.





It was really hot in the late afternoon sun, so we ended up moving the table into the shade, which made all the difference. Junip straight up covered herself with rice, avocado, and (later) chocolate cake, but, you know, that’s like the natural state of one-year-olds.



birthdays18 copy

It was just breezy enough that as soon as Drew moved his hand, the wind blew the candles out for me, but I think I still get a wish anyways.

And with that, it’s back to the grind. We had in-services all this week, and next Tuesday, the kiddos return. I’m ready though – mentally, and my room/ lessons/ supplies, which required a little bit of scrambling. A brand new room and all new tools and materials! I’ll have to post some pics. It still looks amazingly empty, but I unpacked and broke down enough boxes to make a stack nearly reaching my waist. That’s a lot of stuff!

Anyways, here’s to 28 being as good as 27 was. Cue the Sinatra: “It was a very good yeeeeeeeeear…”