School started in earnest today (meaning with actual students). Despite a night of tossing and turning (I dreamt secretaries were stacking piles of paper on me, and I couldn’t move or I’d un-collate them all) it was a great day. I really do love my job, and I can already feel a better balance coming into my life. I get too lonely staying home.

That said, there’s always a certain nostalgia in feeling the summer wind down.



Long afternoon shadows, and blues, yellows, and hazy morning light in the dining room. Something about that first shot just screams, “fall’s coming.”

life_lately_august08 copy

Unending Juniper antics. I guess it was only a matter of time? I finished washing dishes to turn around and find this. Of course, I also kinda thought it was funny and so immediately started documenting it, when a certain someone returned to the scene of the crime. She looks just wracked with guilt, no?


She’s also learned the trick of hauling toys to the cat door and pushing them outside.

life_lately_august13 copy

life_lately_august11 copy

life_lately_august12 copy

Every time she starts in on the shoes, I flash back to Beth laughing at our tidy little rack, knowing what was in store.



And she loves her daddy so. This is the scene every time he so much as pops out to the garden. It’s so sweet and sad.



I finished refurbishing my tulip chairs, but still need to find them a home that will adequately compensate my efforts 🙂 Preferably soon; I’m afraid Junip’s going to hurt either them or our floor. Every time I turn my back she’s pushing them across the living room or bashing them against the wall. She just doesn’t seem to appreciate that they’re supposed to be financing her big girl bedroom remodel.

Silly little monkey child.