Last weekend we made a little fall foray out to Eplegaarden. It was sprinkling when we left but we decided to chance it, and ended up with the most beautiful day ever. Our little wagon ended up as full of vests and hoodies as apples.

apple_picking01 copy



apple_picking06 copy





A stranger offered to take a family pic but I’m and idiot and didn’t switch the camera to auto (sad face). Luckily one came out not blurry!

apple_picking13 copy


They had a folk band playing out in the middle of the orchard and Junip was just entranced.


She must have taken a few bites off at least ten different apples. We had a little collection of half-chewed fruit when we got home.

Great way to spend an early fall day. Topped off by Drew making an apple pie! It came out of the oven well after dark, and Drew wouldn’t submit to my admittedly illogical request of not eating the pie fresh out of the oven because I wanted photos of it intact with natural light… so this is all I have to document the moment, but trust me, it was light and sweet and flakey and delicious.


And yes, for those of you looking at that photo and doing a little geometry, the two of us did eat a third of a pie in one night. What can I say? We like pie around here.