Hi all! No, not dead, just delinquent. Do you ever just feel like your life if not quite photogenic enough for the internet? I know, I have no excuse, the most adorable thing ever created on this great green earth lives in my house. But still, somehow this is the extent of the photography I’ve managed to do in the last two weeks:

head_shot1 copy


Madison Magazine has chosen Drew as one of the most influential people in the Madison food scene! I think I can type that? It doesn’t matter, I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this is related to me.

He’s going to be on the cover of the next issue (I know! Right? You like how I typed that all nonchalant?) But they wanted a head shot for the article so we tried taking one outside the bakery, except we made the mistake of thinking we could do that with Junip? So we got a lot of photos of Drew smiling at the ground or making happy/shocked/squinty face.


Speaking of Junip, see that arm? It’s her new thing. She runs around all day like superman, right hand extended.


See? Told ya. Too funny. Sometimes strangers do it back to her and she just gives them this look like, What’s wrong with your arm? You look like an idiot.

head_shot4 copy

She’s tall enough to open the desk drawer and the result is approximately 80% of the pencils in this house have had the erasers eaten off. Speaking of eating non-edibles, yesterday she ate crayons, and today there were little green wax shavings in her poop. Ok, TMI, I know, but you know what? It’s my blog and I’ll write about poop if I want to.


And I can’t even take credit for this one, but I love it. This is what you find on your SD card when you marry a baker one of the most influential food people in the city (!) Yeah, that one’s not getting old.