16 months old. I have to say, this is such a fun age. Really, every month you get a little more interactive, a little more independent, with a little more of what will be your personality showing through. I’m sure I type some variation of this sentiment every month, but it’s pretty amazing, watching you blossom.


Just in the last few weeks, you’ve picked up a LOT of language. You’re still not producing speech, but you’re understanding a lot more. If I tell you to go get your shoes, you book it to the shoe rack. If I ask you to bring me a book, you go rifling through your stash or bring me a whole pile. My personal new favorite is your understanding of the word “spin”. You only comply around 30% of the time, but when you do, it’s hilarious; you spin in circles until you’re so dizzy it sends you staggering through the house like a little drunkard, bumping into tables and walls.

16months03 copy


You’re up to six teeth, with several more on their way. Brushing those teeth is such an ordeal though, that I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the idea that all your baby teeth will rot and fall out and we’ll worry about brushing the real ones. That sounds awful, but just envision me holding your wriggling, screaming body in a head lock, my legs wrapped around your lower half, trying to get the toothbrush between your clenched lips as you wildly shake your head back and forth, tears flowing. I figure if I don’t want to scar you against tooth-brushing for the rest of your life, we need to just wait until you’re a little more open to the idea.


16months07 copy



16months_2 copy

You have a few park friends now, and it’s really cute watching you interact. It’s kind of like electrons orbiting a nucleus; you are drawn to the others but once you’re within a certain range, you all sort of bump around, not getting too close, just making your way as a little parallel-playing pack from one part of the playground to the next. Wow, that was a lot of ‘p’s. You are generally the most social of the bunch, approaching the others, handing them sticks or toys, then moving on to find a replacement. Your besty is a preternaturally calm 18 month old named Carrin, who moves slowly and announces each piece of equipment with astonishing accuracy: “tunnel,” “blue horse,” “Circle Park”. Her mom is pretty cool and has a similar schedule to mine, so we try to overlap park time every few days.




You are a smiley little thing. I’m so glad to see you with such a strong sense of humor and a resiliency to falls and other unpleasantness. You love to laugh and to be surprised. You often bring us toys that you know we’ll use to scare you, then run away shrieking. You are so much fun.

Love you, little dinker.