I keep telling myself that in a few months I’ll think of this weather as balmy, but I admit, the cold has been keeping us inside a little more. Still, we’ve managed to entertain ourselves.


She’s always liked to be in boxes, but now she’s getting more creative about finding box-like spaces. Yesterday she had me sprinting naked out of the shower when I heard her crying and it sounded far away (my mind immediately went to her somehow climbing over the safety gate and falling down the stairs; actually, she was in the laundry basket in my closest, mad that she wasn’t tall enough to climb back out). Toy baskets have become loungers. And recently, she’s been crawling under the desk, pulling the chair in tightly after her, making her own little monkey cage.


life_lately_nov03 copy


life_lately_nov12 copy



She and Drew have been spending a lot of after-dinner quality time in the tent. She’s been a lot more cuddle-tolerant, even cuddle-seeking, of late. She basically insists on being on either my hip or my lap for several hours when I get home from work, which is actually wonderful. She’s always been such a squirmer; I’ve been waiting for her to want to sit with us. And yes, if you’re wondering, Drew did dress himself and the junebug in matching outfits, down to the cuffed denim. He claims he didn’t notice, but I have my doubts.

life_lately_nov10 copy

She’s taken to flat out sprinting around the house with her dog.


life_lately_nov08 copy

And this morning, catching rainbows.