It’s been a long week around here. What I initially thought was fussiness due to cutting molars and a rash from all the associated drool turned out to be hand, foot, and mouth. And then I caught it from her. So we were both feverish, achy, chilled, and unable to eat much. Luckily, I didn’t get the rash part. The doctor told me I could still work as long as I washed my hands a lot (it’s contagious through fluids, not respiratory) but I kind of wish he hadn’t, because that meant I just worked while feeling super awful. So, it’s pretty much run its course, and I’m relieved, but pretty wiped.



This little one was such a sad lump. She just wanted to sit on my lap or lay on shoulder, whimpering, all week. We watched a few movies because we were not good for much else, and now she’s been taking the remotes and climbing up onto the couch, ready for more cinematic entertainment. Whoops.

I’m looking forward to the holiday season starting this week. There are few things in this world I love more than Christmas and the build up to it; I’m thinking a big meal with family and a couple thousand colorful lights strung up around the house will be just what we need to cheer us up.