Hope you all had a warm and loving Thanksgiving. We got to be with both my family and part of Drew’s, which was really nice.

The trip started out… on the wrong foot, so to speak. We were really late (ie: two hours plus) and I kinda freak out when late for things. Like, all my self awareness flies out the window and my inability to control the situation, instead of forcing me to relax and accept things, makes me lose my shit. So that, plus my *so smart* insistence that Junip could handle a yogurt pouch in the car, led to a very forced smile on my face when we finally arrived at my Aunt Diane’s. (We both smelt mashed banana at the same time. You know how much surface area must be covered with yogurt/banana mush to make the smell permeate the car? Hint: a lot.)

Anyway, it was a forced smile at first, but you know, when you step into that house and see all these people you love and who love you, and smell all that good food, and take a deep breath and let the warm environment settle over you, it doesn’t take too long for perspective, and sanity, to return. It’s so good to be together. I wish I had taken some pictures, but between catching up with family, stuffing my face, and chasing the munchkin around the house, I was not thinking about my camera. Sometimes it’s nice to just live on the 3D side of the viewfinder.

We spent Friday and Saturday with Drew’s parents, and while I was kinda ready for some Black Friday mayhem, we ended up just hanging around and even getting a tree! Which of course led me to insist we go cut our own tree the minute we stepped foot back in Madison (pics to come).

So, Thanksgiving 2014: the year I remembered it is good to chill the cuss out and to not be so grumpy as to miss via crankiness what I was so mad about missing via lateness.