My little sunshine girl. Another solstice, and now you’re a year and a half old.



You love to bring us books, although I suspect you enjoy the bringing more than the reading, as you usually only let us get through a page or two before you bring us another. Your favorites are Curious George, Babes in Toyland, and Berenstein Bears, but I have theory on that too: they’re all yellow. I don’t think you actually care what we read.

Anyways, yesterday your dad decided to let you help make pancakes, ala Curious George, by sprinkling in the blueberries. It took a little convincing/shaking to get you to let go of the berries, but they were pretty delicious.

18months02 copy


I just love what a little ham you are; that wide open mouth smile kills me.

18months16 copy

Legos are still a challenge, but you love to build towers out of just about anything else. (See below).

18months_1 copy

As for language, you’ve finally got a few words! Mama = me, or “I want,” or “I’m not happy.” Dada = Drew, or “I’m having fun.” (Can I just point out how unfair?) Cheese = cheese, kassis = glasses, you said cookie once, and every other noun is baba. Not too shabby! You understand a lot – you put things in the recycling or garbage when asked, you get your shoes and coat, you can point out seagulls, chickens, noses, and ears (in books and on yourself or me), and just generally, you seem to understand most of the routine things I say to you.

You love to run and laugh and screech, but you’ve also picked up the bad habit of straight up screaming when there’s something you’re not happy about. I’m hoping that one’s short-lived.

Our morning routine is the best: we cuddle and nurse in bed for a while (we’re down to nursing just twice a day), and then you pile books at my feet while I brush my teeth. We read for a bit and then you stand up and stretch your arms out, waiting for me to unzip your jammies. You know how to step out of them yourself, and then you bring your diaper to the trash (we’ve got you in disposables overnight), your jammies to your laundry bin, my clothes to my closet, and enjoy ten minutes of sweet, naked freedom while I shower. You eat up your daily bowl of Kashi and milk with a spoon, slurp the leftover milk out of the bowl, and always smile, “Ah!” afterwards. You’re so cheerful in the morning.

We celebrated your half birthday by checking out the Solstice bonfire last night. It was the kind of pagan party one can only find on the east side of Madison: drummers, dancers, gigantic costumes, whooping and hollering, and of course, a massive fire. I think you will really get a kick out of these when you’re older. Last night you were excited, but a little freaked out by the towering costumes and the cold.


What a fun age. Don’t grow up too quickly, little munchkin.