Happy New Year, all!

It’s been kind of a crazy week and a half. Christmas was great; we got to be with Drew’s (nearly) entire family on Christmas actual, and then a few days later we celebrated a second Christmas with my family. Junip had a pretty fantastic time being showered with attention from lots of people she doesn’t get to see very often, including her cousin Ollie, which made for some great photo ops. Gotta love the matching jammies. And the matching little naked butts.



christmas2014_02 copy


christmas2014_09 copy


christmas2014_12 copy


christmas_2014_1 copy



christmas2014_16 copy


christmas_2014_3 copy



christmas2014_21 copy

After both Christmases, we got to spend four days with two of our good friends, Dave and Rachel, who live out in DC but make a trip to the midwest for the holidays each year. This year we had them for New Year’s Eve, which was great – we went to Merchant for dinner and dancing (we got in for the final seating at 9:15 and then stayed for the DJ and champagne toast) while Junip slept blissfully unaware of all the hubbub at home with a babysitter.

And now for the drama of the week. But first: guess what?!


There’s a baby in there!

And he or she is making me puke my guts out. Like, so much worse than Junip ever did. It was tolerable while we traveled, but basically got progressively worse until the 30th, when I threw up every half hour or so until Drew had to take me to the ER for for an IV. Luckily we had Dave and Rachel here to watch Juniper, and now I’m on anti nausea meds that are helping a lot. I feel kind of crappy about taking anything with a little one in there, but it didn’t really feel like we had a lot of options.

But, it’s OK, because on August 8th (ish) we will get to meet our new littlest peanut and Junip will be a big sister! Wow. How’s that for ringing in the new year?