Well, that -25 degree cold snap was pretty crazy-inducing around here. There are times when it really sucks balls to be a one car family. Yesterday was a balmy 12 degrees and OMG, sweet freedom. We were able to leave the house! What better way to celebrate than sledding? Chad and Mallory and her son, Liam, came over and we walked down to the hill at Ohlbrich.


sled03 copy

It took Junip a couple slow, backwards slides off the sled to figure out how to hold onto the sides, but man was she into being pulled on that sled. I pulled her down the aisle at Dick’s when we were picking it up, and she was so in love, she burst into tears when I handed it to the cashier to scan.




sled06 copy

We only attempted one full-family run. Too little space meant boots sticking out, which meant snow in the face. Junip wasn’t into that. Neither was mama.



sled10 copy

Sometimes she just looks like a little doll to me.

When we got home we made some soup (and by ‘we’ I mean Drew) and let the kiddos run wild, and I’ve got to say, Liam is fueling my two-child fantasies in a dangerous way. I mean, the fantasies where having two is easier than having one, because they entertain each other and require no adult attention whatsoever. Seriously, Junip is obsessed with this kid; she follows him around and mimics his every move. Liam just sort of goes crazy in the playroom and Junip copies as much as she can, and then just laughs and screams. They built a ‘sea’ out of cushions and just totally wore themselves out.



Pure joy, that face.

In other news, the Christmas decorations are packed away (sad face), the morning sickness is subsiding (happy face), and school is back in full swing. Kind of feels like everything is back to normal, which is ok by me. Tomorrow will be exciting, though: a first ultrasound! Junip only had a five month scan, but for this little one they want to confirm the due date, so we get a sneak peek tomorrow morning. Hopefully I’ll get some screen shots to share!