An adventurous little day for the nipper and I. I had today off for MLK Jr Day, and decided we should take advantage of not needing to be home by 11, so we made a very last minute decision to hop on the bus to the square (last minute like chasing the bus). This little one LOVES the bus. Like, gasps when she sees it coming.



The idea was to go to Central Library (they have an amazing children’s level), but alas, we got there and discovered they were closed for the holiday. So we walked to the Overture Center, and found they were closed, too. So we walked to the Contemporary Art Museum, and found they were closed, too. At this point I was feeling a little defeated, so we did the only logical thing to do without Drew supervising us: we went to Noodles for mac and cheese.


Feeling much revived, we decided to go to the Capitol to run around a bit, and were happily surprised to find they were in the middle of a really beautiful MLK Day musical program. It was too crowded to see much, but with musicians that talented, the content of the songs, and the acoustics of the solid granite, cavernous space, I totally had goosebumps. Honestly, I got a little teary, but I’m blaming that mostly on pregnancy hormones.

mlk_day6 copy


mlk_day8 copy

That was our best little peak at the choir.

Anyways, back home again. She made flirty eyes at the other passengers for most of the ride, then crawled on my lap, burrowed her face into my neck, and fell asleep. What a little sweetheart.