You just keep growing and growing. I mean, duh, right? But man, is it amazing to watch. Your little brain has made so many leaps this month, your little legs are just shooting out from under you (3T pants? Seriously?), and you no longer walk anywhere: you RUN.


The screaming phase is mercifully over. A few more words and a few more signs have given you the freedom to actually communicate what you want, and that seems to have done the trick. You’re still stubborn on the language front; you understand an astonishing amount, but when we prompt you with, “Say: ___,” you almost always reply, “Nana,” smiling as if you’ve actually said whatever word we’ve asked of you. Your signing is so sweet, though. My favorite is the sign we made up for “read a book”: you clap your hands together and then open them like a book, pinkies touching. Your animal noises are also quite endearing. You moo and baa, and every time we pass the horse wall-hanging upstairs, you neigh.



You’ve figured out how to climb into our bed, and love to burrow under the sheets while I try to make the bed around you. You also like to pull the fleece blanket off the couch and bring it to me, I think in hopes of a cuddle.


You love the camera so much. You’re finally beginning to understand the viewfinder, and you squint your little eyes shut, wait for me to hit the shutter, and then push the camera away to see what you shot. We have a lot of photos of the floor on our memory card these days.


That face: you are constantly selecting large/heavy/non-toy items to run from room to room, and you do so with this crazy-eyed grimace of determination.



And shoes. SHOES. Wow. The mere mention of ‘go’ and you’re off to the shoe rack, bringing me your shoes, my shoes, sometimes multiple pairs of my shoes.

And this sounds a little judge-y now that I think about it, but I am realizing that I always assumed those cliche photos of the little girls wearing their mothers’ heels were sort of set up, or at least encouraged, by the mom. It just didn’t seem rational that a little toddler would be so attracted to a pair of pumps. But, wrong again. You’ve been trying to get into my heels for months now, and finally, you’ve become coordinated enough to do it. It’s both hilarious and kind of unsettling to watch.

19months13 copy


Dad’s shoes work in a pinch, too.

Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing, peanut. We love you so much.