We had a really nice visit from Drew’s brother and his wife, Reid and Caroline, this past weekend. They came up Friday night and left really early Sunday morning, but we packed a lot into the Saturday in between. Breakfast at the bakery, a trip to Central Library, a trip to the Children’s Museum, board games while Junip napped, ice skating, and then dinner at Sal’s. I would like to pretend I can do that no problem, but the truth is I was so tired by the end of the night, I fell asleep sitting up at dinner. Like, hard enough for everyone to notice, talk about it, and take pictures with their phones before I could wake up. Whoops.


skate01 copy

Drew has been bringing her in the sled over to the ice at Ohlbrich and just shooting her around the rink, so this one knew the drill. Such a need for speed.


skate03 copy



Aren’t they just the cutest?

skate08 copy

Later, Drew and Reid got into a fairly epic snowball fight. Junip tried to mediate peace by demanding and eating as many snowballs as possible.

skate13 copy






Such a fun day! Our campaign continues to try to convince Reid and Caroline to move up here. Hopefully some day!