What a week. The patisserie is officially open! We quietly unlocked the doors yesterday morning. We planned a soft first week to get our sea legs, but turnout has already been better than expected. I’m still a little in shock that it all came together in time.

The build up to Tuesday was pretty intense. My mom came down this weekend to watch Juniper while Drew and I painted, which helped a lot. What a job. Of course several months ago I convinced Drew that this amazing geometric, gold wallpaper was exactly the lux touch the patisserie needed. And then priced it out and discovered it would have cost about $2G’s. So then I assured him that I could paint something similar for a fraction of the cost… fast forward to Saturday, when, despite starting with the metallic gold base coat already done for us, we spent 7 hours working and didn’t even get to painting the top coat. Have you ever wondered what $120 worth of Frog tape looks like?



My fingers still ache from tearing all that tape.

Sunday morning we were back at it. The top coat is essentially the same color, but a matte finish, in contrast to the metallic high gloss of the taped areas. It’s actually a touch lighter than the base, but I love that depending on the light, it can appear darker, given how reflective the undercoat is.


wall2 copy


Can I get a hell yeah? $60 a yard wallpaper, you can go suck it. One of the bakers pointed out that it almost looks like stalks of wheat, which I’m officially pretending was my design inspiration.

Anyways, shots of the completed space soon to follow, but I wanted a solid post to commemorate this paint job. So glad it’s done! Remind me not to talk Drew into anything else for a while.