… has not involved me picking up the camera much. We have either been really busy or really boring, running errands and arranging babysitters, or lazing about the house, reading and rolling around on the play mat. Things have been good, but not terribly photogenic.

Today the windchill is somewhere around -15 and the wind is howling, so it’s one of the lazy days. I have been getting those winter blues a bit, where it seems impossible that someday in the not so distant future, I might go outside in a tee shirt and feel the sun on my skin. Jennifer and Karin saved us by showing up to play – suddenly all our tired toys and books were new and interesting again! Amazing, the magic of a friend’s interest. Karin is not much for drinking, but was all about her sippy cup after watching Junip pound the water. And Juniper actually came over for me to wipe her nose when Jennifer wiped Karin’s! (This is the child I had to chase through the house, tissue in hand, last time she had boogers aflowin’. She tried to hide behind a floor lamp. Not quite understanding the whole not-invisible thing yet).


Anyways, that’s winter in Wisconsin for ya. On another note, happy Valentine’s day! I’m looking forward to Drew coming home so we can celebrate. No fancy dates planned, but I did make him a new notebook I’m excited to give him. Even carved a lino-cut of a millstone and printed it on the cover. We don’t usually do much for V day, but I’m bookbinding and printmaking with the kids at school, and was inspired. Will have to share some pics here once he opens it.

May your hearts be all a’flutter this weekend!